Products for wide range of working conditions.

Providing unparalleled quality and on-time delivery at competitive prices has been the hallmark of our company and policy leading to our success. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and 1000+ products developed, Gumix Elastor became an important source for the agricultural, construction and utility industry.

We strongly recommend the exclusive agricultural program where you can order custom-tailored items conforming to your specific requirements. Scroll through our agriculture product line to choose top quality long-lasting rubber tools and appliances that help to improve machine handling and provide users with comfort and fitting. Check our wide selection of membranes, silent blocks, bumpers, carriers and more. Every article complies with our impeccable standard policy, so rest assured we will provide you with ideal solutions in terms of protection, convenience and flexibility.


Whether you’re upgrading your existing systems or building new conveyors, to ensure a damage reduction, Gumix Elastor offer includes a wide selection of rollers to be quickly and easily installed in your facility.

Gumix Elastor offers an extensive inventory of top quality rubber bumpers in various sizes and shapes to help reduce shock and vibration while maintaining maximum protection and stability.

A wide selection of rubber mats for various appliances. Gumix Elastor tough and durable mats represent a popular solution suitable for each industry – be it a manufacturing plant, car workshop or a gym.


Gumix Elastor offers a wide product assortment for the effective seasonal preparation of your machinery. Ensure the optimal performance and smooth running by choosing the most compelling items from our product line or request a spare part for your device from our continuously growing inventory.

We abide by the ‘perfection supersedes profit’ philosophy, meaning we are devoted to developing faultless mechanical and maintenance solutions for the agricultural industry. .


Slide pads are recommended for the attainment of equal weight on both elements during work.

Professional grade and high-quality snow plow blades make ice control and snow removal quite easy. With length and position adjustable to customer specification, wear resistant composite blades are suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. Request a quote or scroll through our selection.

High performing premium quality and weather resistant blades to keep your snow plow prepared for the winter. Gumix Elastor rubber blades for quiet and efficient snow removal in standard and custom shapes and sizes are up to the sale.


Excellent expertise and detailed test and optimization procedures help us design optimal solutions for diverse applications. We pride ourselves for regularly following the latest market trends and developing innovation-centric programs to always stay up-to-date.

Combining client feedback with professional recommendations of our field experts allows us to present you with continuous product updates.


Check out our new collection of non-slip rubber hand tools designed to bring the ultimate comfort and efficacy while making your job in the workshop or in the location extremely easy.

Holding high the primacy of ‘safety first’ policy we, without exception, maintain committed to producing robust non-slip safety mats for commercial and residential use to ensure a secure walking environment.

Various types of rubber vacuum cups used in the glass, ceramics and metal industries.

Wide assortment of elevator, picker, combine and other work machine shovels.


Abiding by the standard of premium quality for designing and developmental production techniques, we adhere to the abundant experience collected across diverse industries and successful practices to provide you with top performing and reliable products and services. A holistic approach, undivided individual attention and timely delivery kept our clients coming back – no matter the specialty or complexity. See for yourself how our methods translate into a great customer experience


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